Golf Carnival 2019

Golf Carnival 2019



A bright, tasty Maslenitsa holiday for all comers will be held at the Strawberry Fields Golf Club on March 9. A fun program, meals from the restaurant, workshops for children and adults, wine tasting, a MINI test drive, a raffle of gifts from partners, great mood - guaranteed!

Maslenitsa - a family holiday! Spend it in a circle of relatives and friends combining tradition and new experience!

All guests will enjoy not only traditional Shrovetide festivities, but also full immersion into the wonderful world of golf.
Professionals at Strawberry Fields Golf Club will talk about golf, show types of golf clubs, give them a try on strength, play out certificates for golf lesson at Strawberry Fields.

Never tried to roll a ball in the hole? Do it in our club :)

Guests gathering 14:00

The event will take place on the terrace of the club house at:
Leningrad Region, Lomonosov district,
der. Kukushkino