golf Academy

CHILDREN's and ADULT GOLF ACADEMY this winter season 2018-2019 work schedule:

TUE, THU 17: 30-19: 00

SAT 13: 00-14: 30

you can choose the time convenient for you! 

Cost per month for 12 lessons 6000 rubles

Record by phone number: +7 921 942 36 61


the popularity of Golf all over the world and in our country in particular, leads to the fact that there are more and more people who want to learn the game every day. The great advantage of Golf is the fact that it is given to almost everyone — age, gender, level of physical fitness and material condition do not matter!

Some believe that to learn the basics of the theory and practice of the game you can take a few lessons from friends who regularly visit the club and are «advanced fans». This is a profound misconception. Such training can only harm the technique of a beginner golfer. And because the training game Golf should be in the Academy.; professionals who not only master the game themselves, but also know how to properly train a beginner.


our coaches


Pavel Bezrukov-Golf coach

    • has been Training since 2006
    • the
    • champion of St. Petersburg Golf 2000 and 2006, 13-fold prize-winner of Championships of city's Golf
    • the
    • Member of the Championships and cups of Russia

Silver medalist of the Championship of St. Petersburg in 2015



what do you need to play Golf?

so, Golf for beginners requires minimal equipment — this is the usual stick, clothes, shoes.

If you don't have your club, you can rent it at our Golf club. Also for the game you need to buy a basket of balls.

cost of services

Since the lawn on the field requires careful handling, it is better to buy shoes on the sole with soft spikes, the main thing — no heels!

as for clothing, each Golf club sets its own dress code, but there are universal rules. So, you can not go out on the field in jeans, camouflage suit, open tops, shirts, t-shirts without collars. The best option  & mdash; Polo shirt or t-shirt, strict sweater, windbreaker, tank top, slacks or straight shorts to the knees and below. For women, the option of a strict skirt or a skirt-trousers is allowed.